WS353 water soluble solder paste has been developed in response to electronics manufacturers demand for an all-purpose, reliably consistent water-soluble solder paste. WS353 offers extended stencil life and tack time, robust environmental tolerance and printing characteristics, excellent activity, a broad cleaning process window, and compatibility with both tin-lead and lead-free solder alloys. WS353 can be used in fine pitch printing applications and has proven effective in the assembly of 0201 components. WS353 provides consistent printing characteristics and slump resistance during high-speed printing. The excellent activity of WS353 makes it a suitable choice when soldering to standard or difficult-to-wet parts, including lead-free alloys and finishes. In addition, WS353 has proven to substantially reduce voiding under micro-BGAs. The residues of WS353 may be cleaned easily in straight water, with the result being exceptional electrical reliability. In addition, WS353 is designed to not foam during washing, even in high-pressure wash systems.

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  • SN100CWS353J250Solder Paste SN100C WS353 250g Jar
  • SN100CWS353J5Solder Paste SN100C WS353 500g Jar
  • SN100C5WS353C5Solder Paste SN100C WS353 500g Cartridge

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