SN100C 030 solder wire enables fast soldering with less carbonizing of soldering tips and less flux spatter providing greater productivity than existing products.
SN100C 030 is a no-clean, resin-based flux cored wire solder designed to offer excellent wetting characteristics and lead-free compatibility.
This product is very active and is recommended for fast cycle time soldering.
The 030 flux promotes good thermal transfer, offering better solder penetration into plated through holes or surface mount interconnections.
The cored flux produces low-to-medium post-process residues that are electrically safe and do no require cleaning for most applications.


– Bright and shinny appearance similar to leaded solder
– 030 Highly active no clean flux
– Safer on solder tips
– Minimal residue
– Does not contain over whelming smells from the flux

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  • SN100C-0.4MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 0.4mm 500g
  • SN100C-0.5MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 0.5mm 500g
  • SN100C-0.6MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 0.6mm 500g
  • SN100C-0.8MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 0.8mm 500g
  • SN100C-1.0MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 1.0mm 500g
  • SN100C-1.2MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 1.2mm 500g
  • SN100C-1.6MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 1.6mm 500g
  • SN100C-2.0MM-030-500GSN100C Solder Wire 2.0mm 500g

Technical Data & Safety Data Sheet (Coming Soon)