NC275LR is a water-based, halide-free, no-clean liquid flux formulated to offer a very wide process window allowing for extremely good wetting, even to difficult-to-wet materials. NC275LR offers a broad activation range, proving to be an excellent flux for a variety of process parameters and applications, including lead-free wave soldering with tin-silver-copper, tin-silver, tin-copper, and other alloys.NC275LR offers low post-process residues and has proven to reduce preventative maintenance requirements for spray fluxing applications. In addition, NC275LRoffers low-fuming and fast solvent evaporation.

NC275LR is safe to be left on the circuit board after processing and uncleaned. NC275LR is extremely safe for rework, palletized wave soldering and point-to-point selective soldering. NC275LR is designed to be a no-clean, non-visible residue flux, which can be cleaned if critical to the product application.

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