NC254 Paste Flux is a no clean tacky/rework flux designed to wet virtually all solderable electronic surfaces, components, assemblies, and substrates. AIM NC254 Paste Flux may be used for general touch up or rework of printed circuit boards, and for attaching spheres to ball grid array (BGA) packages. The superior wetting ability of NC254 Paste Flux results in bright, smooth and shiny solder joints whether reflowed by hand, hot-air rework station, convection reflow oven, or vapor phase soldering systems. Residues that remain on surfaces after soldering are clear, leaving a cosmetically appealing repair that can be easily pin probed during in-circuit test. NC254Paste Flux is compatible with all tin-lead and lead-free alloys and is suitable for a wide range of applications. NC254 Paste Flux can be rushed, dispensed, pin transferred, or stencil printed.

  • NC254S10-PTNo Clean Flux Gel Syringe
  • NC254J100No Clean Flux Gel 100g Jar