No-Clean VOC-Free Liquid Flux Product Range
No-Clean VOC-Free Liquid Flux, 20LNo-Clean VOC-Free Liquid Flux, 5L

NC277 Liquid Flux is a water-based VOC-Free flux that has performance and reliability characteristics equal or superior to many alcohol-based fluxes. A medium-solids/residue flux, NC277 has an exceptionally durable and powerful activator system. It is ideally suited for high thermal mass assemblies such as backplanes, power management, servers and palletized assemblies. The activator system also withstands the high solder temperatures required for selective soldering. NC277 can be used with all common lead-free wave soldering alloys including tin-silver-copper, tin-silver, tin-copper and others. Optimized for flux spray applications, NC277 has proven to reduce equipment maintenance. Designed as a no-clean, any remaining NC277 residue can be cleaned if critical to the product application.

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