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200AX is a glycol ether based stencil cleaner with a concentrated additive that is 100% compatible with all AIM solder pastes and epoxies. 200AX is formulated for application by hand. Where automatic application is desired, the use of AIM’s DJAW Stencil Cleaner is recommended. Unlike other stencil cleaners, the AIM stencil cleaners help to reduce solder paste dry-out while enhancing its release from even the finest apertures, allowing for a greater number of print cycles between cleaning. For the cleaning of epoxy residues, 200AX will not dissolve the epoxy. In addition, 200AX will not degrade cured epoxy.

– Extends Paste Life
– Increases Wipe Cycle Times
– Enhances Paste Release
– Eliminates Double Wiping
– 100% Compatible with AIM Paste Formulations
– Reduces Paste Dry-Out
– May Be Used to Clean Solder Paste or Epoxy/Adhesive Residues